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Below written are the terms and conditions our company adheres to. If you place an order on our website, you certify that you agree with all of the below mentioned content.

  1. If the customer visits any other website similar to ours, we would not be held responsible for any activity thereafter. We are responsible only for handling your information within our website pages; if you disclose your personal information like home address, phone number, bank details or credit card details on any other website - we will not be responsible for any unauthorized use of your data.
  2. Our website may anytime become unavailable or shut down temporarily or permanently because of technical or other reasons. If we are going through the maintenance of our website, we might also make the servers unavailable for some time without any prior notice. We are also free to suspend any accounts or work if it doesn’t comply with our policies.
  3. We have created each page of the website with the proper attention, however, in case that you find some of the content confusing – you are free to contact us for any data verification.
  4. There are cases of the customer’s computer or related systems being virus infected. We are not held responsible for any work loss or missed deadline because of your system malfunctioning. It is your personal responsibility to keep your system free from any malware threats.
  5. Customers have numerous payment options available to choose from, however, making complete payment while placing an order is mandatory and in case of any work started or delivered, refunds are not guaranteed to be 100% as at the time of payment. For the details related to refunds, please refer to our Money Back Guarantee section.
  6. We guarantee providing 100% original, creative and plagiarism-free content but do not guarantee that you would get any specific grades or would secure a job by our documents. There are a lot of external factors that are beyond our possibilities and predictions. Even if you provided the highly-detailed order information - all we can guarantee is giving the best-in-class product. We give no result-related guarantees.
  7. We provide the references or bibliography for the papers if they are required. We also make sure that our writers take the information from authority and trusted sources. We guarantee composing the information found in these sources into a well-structured custom paper. However, we are not responsible for any incorrect data that was published on these websites, books and other literature.
  8. We assure that your personal information will be absolutely safe. We are a law-abiding service that follows the rules against fraud and using credit card information without the permission of the customer. We don’t reveal any of your personal details like address, credit card, phone number to any third parties. However, you should be attentive while entering your details on any of the pages to make sure you are not providing your details to another website on which you might have landed through us. Web security is a critical issue nowadays. In such situations we will not be responsible for the consequences.
  9. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the services are open and functioning. In case of website temporarily not responding, any loss of work or missed deadlines is not company’s responsibility.
  10. We guarantee our work quality, but any unwanted and unforeseen actions from the customer’s academic institution are not our company’s responsibility. We assist our customers in writing their papers. However, we do not provide any copyrights to them. The work is delivered to you while the copyright is kept inside our company.
  11. If the customer gives all the important instructions while placing the order - we take the responsibility of any deadline-related issues. However, in case our work delivery is dependent on the additional resources that should be provided by the customer – we are not responsible for any delays of the deadline. Also, we are free to use any citations, references from all available books, articles, newspapers and journals unless the customer specifies any limits on the reference use.
  12. All refunds are dependent on individual cases and hence need to be discussed. In case of approved refunds, a standard bank transaction time of 4-6 days is applied.
  13. We make sure of not revealing the source of your writing anywhere as we get a confidentiality agreement signed by our writers. However, it stays a responsibility from your part not to mention it as well. In any such cases of information leak, our service is not responsible for consequences.
  14. This paragraph lists the commonly used words along with their interpretations. No other meaning of these words has to be understood. Customer/Client = You; Company = INeedEssayHelp.com.com; Product = Assignment paper/order document; Writer = Person who will write your assignment paper.
  15. We assure 100% plagiarism-free content. Although if you place orders for proofreading and editing and we find out that your documents are plagiarized and revealed by your professor or other related authorities - we are neither responsible for any result nor we have any liability to continue working on that document. We have rights to suspend your order anytime in cases of plagiarism detection of your document.

You agree that you have gone through all the terms and conditions thoroughly and also agree to take all the result-related responsibilities. We keep updating our Terms and Conditions section, so we recommend you to check it section from time to time.